Bunny Slopes

After publishing Huff & Puff (Abrams, 2012), I wanted to explore more into the idea of the reader moving the story forward. The first sketches for Bunny Slopes were from that time! The reader would shake the book (actually the first title I had for the book was "Shake") and then the snow would come for Bunny to be able to ski. Then came the wonderful team at Chronicle Books, and after many months of working and laughing, the book was born.

Here the the review from School Library Journal:
Cute cartoon Bunny is ready to hit the bunny slopes. Skis on and red scarf knotted, Bunny needs help from his readers to complete his adventure. Large, conversational text greets readers and asks them to join in the fun. First, they are asked to "shake" the book to produce snow and then "tap tap tap" the book to pack it down, followed by "tilt," "turn," "jump," and so forth. The action words are in red, matching Bunny's jaunty red scarf on the opposite pages. Eventually, Bunny skis into a hole (an actual die-cut hole through three pages of the book) and falls. His mom then greets Bunny with a warm bowl of food and takes him to their den to rest. Only two colors, light blue and bright red, are used, with charcoal lines against a white backdrop. The premise is simple, skiing down a slope, but it is the interaction between the book and readers that makes for a special experience. If the title is read with a small audience, each action could be played out for interactive fun. VERDICT Rueda scores another win with this adorable offering that's perfect for one-on-one and small group sharing.

Bunny is proud of being a Junior Library Guild selection

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