Thursday, August 30, 2018

Hungry Bunny goes to Beijing

Happy to learn that Hungry Bunny is part of the first five books published by Chronicle new partnership with Trustbridge Global Media in China. The news were announced at the Beijing International Book fair which closed last Sunday.

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SLJ invites teachers to use Huff & Puff

Exploring Cut Outs. Gather a collection of titles that use cut-outs / die-cut in their illustrations. Include titles such as Laura Vaccaro Seeger’s First the Egg and Lemons are Not Red, Petr Horacek’s Choo Choo, Claudia Rueda’s Huff & Puff, and Lizi Boyd’s Inside Outside. Read through the titles together, discussing what purposes the cut out serve and how they enhance the meaning of each book. Next provide students with a variety of art materials and invite them to play with using cut outs to tell a story or to explain a concept. School Library Journal

A SLJ starred review for Hungry Bunny

«“A first choice for libraries.” –School Library Journal, starred review

This interactive adventure invites readers to assist a very hungry Bunny with a “tummy rumble” as he gathers apples to take home. Large font instructions in colorfully contrasting red text plead with children to “shake” apples and “blow” leaves from a tree, while a helpful attached ribbon of a scarf allows readers to “grab,” “place,” “hold,” and eventually “make a bridge” while assisting Bunny. The way home is filled with additional instructions, propelling Bunny’s wagon faster as children tilt, rock, and turn the book to move him along toward home—just in time to pop through a hole and add apples to Mom’s homemade pie. The simplicity of cartoon images enhanced by graphite pencil shading with minimal use of bold color allows the easy identification of Bunny’s actions, expressions, and important objects on the page. Text separated on facing pages emphasizes action words and invites readers to follow Bunny’s activity through turning ¬pages. VERDICT This engaging title encourages listening, identification of events in the story, and interactivity. A first choice for libraries.