Sunday, August 2, 2020


Bunny Overboard is the third of an interactive books series I published by Chronicle Books. The reader takes part in the development of the story by shaking the book to make waves, blowing to bring the wind for the sails and touching creatures under the ocean. 

I created several storyboards and thumbnails for this book, so the consequences of the interaction with the reader would be clear and the story would develop smoothly. You can see the final art from the blowfish scene bellow. 

In these two spreads from the book, the blowfish inflates after the reader pats it in the previous page when asked by the narrator.

This sequence of Bunny climbing to the boat didn't end up being in the book. Editing is more an act of trimming than adding.

The jump scene in the storyboard and the the final images for the book.

Bunny Overboard has been translated into French: Bayard Editions Simplified Chinese: Trustbridge German: Gerstenberg Verlag

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