Sunday, August 2, 2020


These are some of the small book dummies I made to send to my dearest editor at Chronicle Books, Ariel Richardson and to the books' s art director, the wonderful designer Amelia Mack. We were trying to figure out if the layouts would work out fine for the reader to interact.

In this first dummy, I was testing the option of asking the reader to TURN the book to the left so I could "fill" the whole page with water. In the story, Bunny jumps from the boat to go snorkeling underwater. We ended up deciding that it might be confusing for the reader and decided instead to move the horizon line to the top of the page.

So in this second dummy, I tested the way it would look if I moved the water line to the top of the page. This is the option we went for at the end.

This scene didn't end up being part of the book. Bunny would tap on the clouds to make rain, son the page would fill up with water.

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