Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bunny Slopes preview at the School Library Journal

Chronicle Fall 2016 Preview Shows Off Unique Approaches for All Ages

It’s fall! Well, at least in the world of Chronicle Books. The publisher recently shared the anticipation of their next season releases with a gaggle of giddy librarians and booksellers.
Bunny Slope
My favorite book of the morning was Bunny Slopes by Claudia Rueda (Oct., 2016). It’s an interactive book in which readers help Bunny tackle the ski slope, from shaking the book to creating snow to tilting it so that Bunny can gain some traction to get down the hill. As the protagonist gets going a bit too fast, kids need to help by turning the book around.
Designer Amelia Mack reflected that “with so many interactive elements, creating the book often turned into a logic problem. For example, if the book is turned upside down to prevent Bunny from falling, how does Bunny move? Where does he land? Solving these problems often led to contemplating deeper questions, like how a book really works, or what guidance a reader needs in order to move forward.”
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