Writing the Picture Book

The interplay between words and sequential images is a necessary component of a good picture book. During this course students develop the verbal and visual storytelling skills required to plan and create their own projects. Each week consists of two sessions: the first one is a slide lecture reviewing early and contemporary picture books to improve the student’s awareness of visual storytelling, pacing, composition, point of view, character development and the dynamics between words and pictures; the second session is a workshop where students focus on their projects. They learn how to sketch a storyboard, make revisions based on weekly critiques and create a finished picture book dummy. The students also learn strategies to submit their work to publishers.

This class is suitable for anyone with an interest in the creation of picture books and who want to develop their portfolio. Basic drawing skills and familiarity with the picture book format are recommended. This course is intensive and will require some work outside class.


By the end of this course students should be able to:
· Differentiate the picture book format from other types of illustrated books
· Understand the authorial voice of the illustrator
· Create a story using a combination of words and images
· Plan and sketch a picture book idea using a storyboard
· Make revisions of their own picture book projects
· Finish a picture book dummy ready for submission

Since it’s very important to have the time to critique each project, the class is limited to a group of 12 students.

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