The Picture Book Idea

One-day workshop
Instructor: Claudia Rueda

How do you sketch a picture book idea? How do you write a story that is told both with words and images?
In this intensive six-hour workshop you’ll explore the most important elements of visual writing and you’ll learn how to plan a picture book by using a storyboard and building a picture book dummy. During the first three hours we’ll look into early forms of visual narrative and dive into a diverse list of picture books, so you’ll expand your awareness and learn about representation, action, space composition, pacing, point of view, sequential images and the dynamics between words and images. During the second part of the workshop, you’ll create an eight-page picture book dummy based on a given text. After a critique and a short revision, you will create a second version and build a final picture book dummy.


This workshop is open to anyone interested in developing a picture book idea or seeking to understand how picture books are created. Since this is a workshop about visual writing for picture books and not about creating the final illustrations, special drawing skills are not required.


Since it’s very important to have the time to critique each project, the class is limited to a group of 12 students.

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